UVTronix offers an advanced UV radiometer to monitor any UV lamp system and to ensure efficient and timely lamp replacement. Using a remotely mounted UV sensor (available in any UV spectrum) the meter provides a real time reading of UV output intensity that is indicated by a tri-color LED and alpha numeric display. A dry contact relay gives the ability (NO and NC) to easily interface to building management systems (BMS), remote alarm indication, audible buzzer alarm, as well as data logging.


  • 4 digit, high intensity alpha numeric display which is readable in high light conditions
  • Intuitive multi-function single "MODE" button
  • Tri-color LED indicator
  • Factory programmable UV thresholds (NRE applies)
  • UV sensor supplied (specify UV lamp)
  • Metal housing for sensor
  • Audible alarm buzzer (can be enabled/disabled via software menu)
  • Real-time intensity feedback
  • Days counter
  • Abnormal operation indication
  • LED Indication
    • Green: 75% - 100% UV Intensity
    • Yellow: 60% - 74% UV Intensity
    • Red: 41% - 59% UV Intensity
    • Flashing Red: <40%
    • Buzzer: <40%
  • Error Indications
    • "Connect Sensor": A proper sensor is not attached to the radiometer
    • "Sensor Saturated": the sensor detects UV intensity greater than 21,300 µW/cm2
    • Open/Fault/Disconnected sensor indication


  • Power supply: 24VAC 0.35A 50-60Hz
  • Dry contact output: 250VAC/1A
  • Operating temperature: 0-50˚C
  • Maximum intensity range: 20,000 µW/cm2
  • Supplied with power supply, interface wiring and sensor (specify: UVA, UVB, UVC)

Data Logging Output:

Data logging output is a linearized analog voltage with the following end points:

0% = 0 Volts + 100mVolts / - 0mVolts
100% = 10 Volts ± 500mVolts

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