About Us

Created from innovative ideas and designs, UVTRONIX was formed with a strong R&D, manufacturing and custom design background. At UVTRONIX we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and services to help our customers push the boundaries of their ideas.

Quality Stantard

QA/QC is key and an integral part of our manufacturing process beginning at the R&D level. QA activities ensure that the process is defined and appropriate. QC activities focus on finding defects in specific deliverables. A proper QA/QC program will ensure that your final product will be shipped defect free and fully tested to minimize technical support calls and costly product replacement. UVTronix understands that the reputation of your product is on the line.

We define the QA/QC program at the early R&D stages. By adding test points and supporting hardware in your design, a fully automated test procedure can be implemented in the manufacturing line. Test points needs to be captured in the electronic design, and placed in the PCB layout, not the other way around.

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