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  • This versatile UV lamp monitor continuously monitors and reports the health of any UV lamp
  • This patent pending design, combined with a powerful detection software algorithm, will report     malfunctioning lamps in real time via an integrated three color LED
  • The device will also monitor hours of lamp usage which are saved and retained in non-volatile memory, even in the absence of power
  • Being non-invasive, the Universal Lamp Monitor will work with any ballast (pre-heat, rapid  start, etc.) up to 200 watts and will not void  any ballast warranty. Models are available upon request that will work with ballasts that are in excess of 200 watts.
  • The proprietary detection software algorithm allows lamps to be installed up to an industry leading distance of 100 feet (30M) from the monitor. An integrated dry contact relay allows field wiring to any BMS (building management system) or external alarm. With the ability to be user defined, the dry contact relay can actuate if a lamp fails, or if the lamp needs replacement, or both
  • A RESET push button (one per channel) allows the user to clear reported errors as well as resetting the hour counter once the lamp has been replaced


  • Lamp malfunction detection
  • Lamp usage monitoring
  • Non-invasive (will not void ballast warranty)
  • Push-in terminals
  • Works with all ballast types
  • Works with UV lamps up to 200W (higher power capacity monitors available upon request)
  • Can monitor ballasts extended up to 100’ from the lamp
  • Available in one, two, or six channel configuration (other options available)
  • Available in open frame or metal enclosure
  • Self-diagnostic runs upon power-up
  • Replace “X” in part number with 1, 2 or 6 to indicate number of channels
  • Status indication:
    • GREEN: lamp and ballast good
    • BLINKING RED: bad lamp
    • YELLOW: lamp timer expired (factory programmed for 2 years expiration, custom times available upon request)

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